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Office phone systems have migrated from traditional Telco solutions to an IT based solution by utilising VOIP. Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony, has rapidly improved over the years with many major companies shifting to the low cost, high performance communication options available.

Not just for major companies, all commercial entities from SMEs to multi-location large corporations are able to upgrade their Business Communications while saving money and improving continuity. Can your existing phone system switch seamlessly between desk handsets and mobiles? Can you host a video conference call between office locations just through the handset? Are you able to integrate your phone system with other technology such as security systems, support desks or simply a roaming mobile squad?

If not, consider the new-era VOIP phone systems for your business and bring down the bill while lifting your Business game. Check out one of our very happy customers below to see how it worked for their business;

VOIP Phone System case study

We engaged Tecoda initially to provide a cloud-based phone solution for our company. We wanted a product that would be fully customisable and suit multiple sites and individual users regularly not at their desks. Another goal for us was to reduce our communications costs.

Our dealings with Christian and Aaron were positive from the beginning. They understood our needs and made sure we were able to get the most from the product. We visited another business where 3CX had been installed to see the functionality of it.

Although there were some upfront hardware and install costs, we knew this would be paid for in savings within the first 18 months of operation. Our phone bill reduced by around $1800 per month.
Even though there were many small issues and on-going requests from us, the Tecoda team were more than happy to help. Any questions were answered quickly and improvements or concerns resolved efficiently.
We have no hesitation in recommending Tecoda. They are a motivated, local company that provides quality service.

Michael Craig – General Manager Caloundra Removals & Storage

What else do our customers love?

  1. The savings is enough for a new car!
  2. Video calls have revolutionised our team meetings!
  3. The front door access security integration is next!
  4. We love that both the desk phones and mobiles ring, we can answer anywhere!
  5. Support is so fast after our old Telco!

If you’re ready to reduce your costs and lift your communications game, give us a call on (07) 5353 5178 or send us your details through our contact form.