Integration Services

Harmonising legacy IT with modern solutions

We help connect your systems to each other

Not all systems are created equal, and not all systems are natively connected to each other. And that’s OK! At Tecoda, we help people with legacy system modernisation so their systems can engage with other, through either configure correct settings or look to develop a bespoke software bridge.

From our Managed IT and Software Development perspective; we have seen COVID (among other influences) reduce staff numbers and increase remote working. Many businesses are sustaining their new workforce distribution and staff are wearing even more hats with generally less time. Where we have seen and built software bridges become most valuable is;

  • Automating data transfer from legacy software to online accounting
  • Creating a remote access portal to an on-premises machine
  • Developing management dashboards for centralised reporting
  • Re-task existing staff from data entry positions

Virtualisation (taking a traditionally onsite product or workflow to the cloud), cloud solutions and the ever-increasing IoT creates a maze of buzz words and many ways to get lost or overwhelmed within the journey of business technology. What it also creates is OPPORTUNITY – to reassess your needs, growth goals, available budget and your road to life after COVID or simply modernising your business.