T1-COLO Data Centre Services

Meeting the needs of Kon-Tiki tenants and the Sunshine Coast region

Server Crash Cart T1 COLO

Local supporting Local

T1-COLO is an in-building, co-location for server infrastructure, backups and digital continuity for Kon-Tiki tenants. T1-COLO also provides a safe haven for businesses in the wider region who need physically safer and technically higher performing services for their data, archive storage and business continuity solutions.

T1-COLO's secure location for your IT Servers and Equipment includes;

  1. Unlimited, private and direct 10GB tenant interconnects into the buildings private secured infrastructure
  2. 24/7 secure access, climate controlled and active monitoring
  3. Backup and business continuity options

"Relocate your servers, relocate your racks, relocate your backups, and take back the space, security and onsite server performance!"

What does your data need?

Scalable options and support from a few RUs to fully managed and hosted continuity solutions, T1-COLO is backed by Tecoda who will understand your needs and work with you to find the best possible solution at affordable prices.

We understand the pressures of pivoting business operations to work remotely, to support more and more digitally demanding solutions and to be responsible for hosting large amounts of data in both real time and historically. We also understand the need for physically secure infrastructure in a region that is experiencing extreme change both in weather and infrastructure developments.

Backups Beat Insurance

T1-COLO is a great solution for Businesses who want to ensure their Business Continuity Plans and Insurances are strong and resilient in challenging times. Move forward with confidence, knowing that you’re backed up by a trusted team.