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TE(chnology) CO(mmunications) DA(ta)

Tecoda is a holistic technology company specialising in leading edge technologies, bespoke software development, cloud solutions, disaster recovery and professional managed IT services.

Tecoda’s foundation of IT products and services reflect an ethos of scalable, turnkey, and cost-effective solutions that enable your business to have the flexibility, manageability and assurance that a modern, connected world can offer.

Tecoda was formed in 2016 and is proud to be one of the original tenants of the Kon-Tiki Business Centre, which is still called Home (Suite T1.401). Strategically positioned in the heart of the Sunshine Coast Business District, Tecoda is back to back with the developing CBD and new submarine cable landing station. (Check progress here; https://www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/submarinecable)


Christian Davies

Christian has been a local on the Sunshine Coast for over 16 years with over 21 years of experience in the IT industry. Initially he worked in Brisbane, helping SME’s as a network engineer and was invited by Microsoft to help establish user groups to advance small business adoption of technology.

Christian joined the local IT scene as an IT Manager securing business by showcasing best in class, cutting edge technologies before joining a large Group of Companies in the Aviation sector, forming industry specific service options.

His strong entrepreneurial spirit led him into start-up industries in Silicon Valley and Australia before co-starting his own SAAS company called MyConstruct and Tecoda HQ.

Recently, a major turning point was the diagnosis and subsequent treatment for Prostate Cancer – Christian would like to take this opportunity to ask all men to get tested regularly; it’s now a simple blood test which could save your life.