Important CYBER SECURITY Alert
From Australian Government

Date of Tecoda Notification to Customers: 17th March 2022.

Dear Customers,

We are informing you of an important update from the Australian Government regarding Cyber Security. Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, cyber security attacks have increased world-wide and Australian organisations are being encouraged to urgently adopt an enhanced cyber security posture.

Tecoda would like to emphasise the following priorities:

  1. Review all Internet facing services and confirm access levels of staff (double checking for any staff who may have exited or changed roles)
  2. Look to apply MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) onto all possible accounts
  3. Confirm that your staff are familiar with protocols for phishing attacks
  4. Review your backups and business continuity plans
  5. Based on ACSC recommendations) Disable Microsoft Office Macro’s – this may impact functionality for some users so please consider what is best for you.

If you are unsure of any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For quick tips:

Avoiding Phishing Attacks

  • Do not put your passwords into email requests (often mimicking familiar platforms)
  • Do not click on links from unknown sources
  • If possible, do not open suspicious emails – delete and delete from trash

After An Attack

  • Change your passwords (use complex ones)
  • Install MFA (sometimes called 2FA, or 2-Factor)
  • Notify relevant parties (contacts and/or authorities)

It is important to recognise the significance of this issue without panic. The conflict in Ukraine is still ongoing and this has expedited what was an already increasing trend. In a digital world we are all vulnerable to attack, however being aware and prepared will greatly reduce the likelihood of an attack stopping your business from operating.

Read the full Australian Cyber Security Centre advisory here:

Tecoda would also like to take this opportunity to inform customers that Business Insurance with Cyber Specific Considerations are currently under heavy review due to the increased threat. If you do not have active backups and threat mitigation in place any insurance claims (if made) may be rejected.

We take the protection of our customers business operations very seriously and hope that this helps you to navigate the uncertainty currently surrounding us.

Take care everyone and be aware. – Christian and Team Tecoda.