Roochysupa Pty Ltd
is NOT a Tecoda Business

Please see below investigation of the Roochysupa Pty Ltd perceived connection to Tecoda (conducted 11th January 2021 by Tecoda Pty Ltd).


Important Update February 2021: Tecoda has been informed by several parties who have received charges from Roochysupa Pty Ltd and completed their own investigations, that this is JOYCE MAYNE. We hope this may resolve queried charges and alleviate concern.

The Problem

Various Businesses have allegedly experienced unsolicited or unknown credit card charges by Roochysupa Pty Ltd in the latter part of 2020.

Google is currently listing Tecoda Pty Ltd as the 3rd search result for “Roochysupa Pty Ltd”, displaying the link to the Tecoda homepage and the Google Business Listing. This is an inaccurate affiliation as Roochysupa Pty Ltd is NOT a Tecoda business.

Initial Impression from Search

The prominent display of Tecoda is triggering phone calls and emails to the Tecoda office regarding charges from Roochysupa Pty Ltd. Tecoda is not affiliated with this business. Also note that the images displayed are the OLD (and currently untenanted) Tecoda Office;

The office (Suite 304 Tower 1, 55 Plaza Parade Maroochydore) pictured above was previously shared between Tecoda Pty Ltd and another Telecommunications business. This shared office ended in October 2019. Tecoda Pty Ltd moved to Suite 401, Tower 1 55 Plaza Parade – the other Telecommunications business also relocated. No new tenants moved into the office.

Digging deeper into Roochysupa Pty Ltd

Looking first into the ACN listed, Roochysupa Pty Ltd is officially Roochysupa Pty Limited and both the incorporation date and name start are listed in 2020 – AFTER both Tecoda Pty Ltd and the other Telecommunications business had moved out of the office. Ref:

Roochysupa Pty Limited appears to operate under the trust “The Trustee For Roohysupa No. 2 Trust” – registered on the 4th of March 2020– AFTER both Tecoda Pty Ltd and the other Telecommunications business had moved out of the office. Ref:

For the record

Tecoda Pty Ltd is based in Suite 401, Tower 1, 55 Plaza Parade Maroochydore. ABN 43 616 121 156. Affiliated business at this address and within our business family include:

  • MyConstruct
  • Tecnet
  • DuroKleen Global

The timeline of events that include Roochysupa Pty Ltd:

  1. October 2019; Tecoda Pty Ltd and the other Telecommunications business relocate to independent offices
  2. March 2020; The Trustee for 639 040 823 No. 2 Trust is established
  3. August 2020; Roochysupa Pty Ltd (ACN 639 040 823) is established
  4. September 2020; The Trustee for Roochysupa No. 2 Trust is established
  5. December 2020; Tecoda Pty Ltd receives calls and emails about alleged unsolicited credit card charges listed as Roochysupa Pty Ltd, ranging in charges from $70-$3000, some single charges, some repetitive.

What has Tecoda done about the problem?

Tecoda takes defamation of character and incorrect affiliation seriously. Tecoda Pty Ltd has double checked all security measures (including PCI compliance) of our own credit card storage and system access and can confirm that Tecoda Pty Ltd has not been compromised.

In addition, Tecoda Pty Ltd has submitted this evidence of inaccuracy to Google (Request ID: 6-3674000030724) in the hopes of removing the publicly listed affiliation. While we wait for any Search updates, we have published this article to clarify the issue and hopefully index the truth above the assumptions.

Tecoda Pty Ltd will continue to pursue who has used our details inappropriately to create alleged fraudulent charges, publicly damaging affiliation and deliberate distrust among our Business Community.