Tecoda Is Awarded 3CX Gold Partner!

Tecoda is Awarded ‘3CX Gold Partner’ Status to become the premier partner in the Sunshine Coast region.

3CX Gold Partner

Tecoda approaches the PBX market with real innovation – providing integration with your business systems!

In less than one-year Tecoda managed to climb from Silver Status to join the ranks of only 8 other 3CX Gold Partners in the Australasia region. (*Published 30/12/2021)

Christian Davies, the CEO of Tecoda says;

While growth has been unprecedented, it’s been the clear disparity between the needs of a modern, mobile-driven market coupled with an obvious lack of innovation from traditional Telco that has pushed the demand for a custom solution. Businesses from all sizes expect to have a tailored PBX experience, not the traditional one size fits offer

Tecoda with their ability to digitally connect different business systems, have integrated 3CX PBX solutions in ways that allows customers/segments to leap forward from their competitors in areas of availability, automation, compliance, and risk mitigation.

Some use case examples include.

  • 24/7 Distress and Evacuation Management
  • Integration with CRM Systems
  • Integration with Door and IoT Systems
  • Credit Card PCI Compliance and Credit Status checking
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Afterhours Order Management

While 3CX can do tremendous things, the most important aspect is its relevancy to your business. No matter where you are on the Business scale, from a Start-up to a true Global Group - Tecoda and 3CX can take you on the journey and give you the flexible solution you were looking for.