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Remote Working : Setup and Support

New to remote working? Team constantly on the move? Looking to support working Parents in your organisation? Perhaps a Global Pandemic has forced your team to work from home… Whatever the reason, we are here to help your business continue to operate as seamlessly as possible and ensure that your team stays connected.

At Tecoda, remote working is second nature. Whether our team is out with a customer, got held up in transit or is simply working from another Country – we need to log in, collaborate and ensure our goals are achieved. Below are the central services that we use, provide for our customers and recommend for any individual or business who needs to implement successful remote working.

Strong Internet

Without a doubt one of the biggest contributors to productivity is a quality Internet connection. We work with selected partners to provide best in class Internet solutions to either upgrade or light up premises.

Modern Hardware

Technology is constantly being improved, and your old tech will not always play ball with slick new devices. What are the key pieces for your business? We suggest reviewing your Desktops, Laptops, Phones and Data Storage to ensure that they are able to step up to the new connection and collaboration requirements that remote working demands. If they are falling short, we can assist with all traditional IT hardware and VOIP phones.

Smart Software

While this list can be as long as a piece of string, we strongly recommend looking at the key functions of Team Collaboration (such as conference calls and document sharing), Role Continuity (which tools and documents need to be accessed frequently) and Security… which tools will support your team in their varied locations, without creating weaknesses or breaches.


We consider Accountability from both a team member perspective and a Management perspective. It is the responsibility of the team member to perform their work as per their onsite role descriptions – with tracking tools available for confirmation. It is the responsibility of Management to ensure that secure backups of all works are maintained so that any unexpected outages will not detract from works completed by the team. If you are unsure of your backups capability don’t hesitate to contact us for an obligation free audit.