Application Development

“Wanna Develop An APP?” - Glootie

Sometimes you just have to build it yourself.

The Tecoda Development team came together over a SAAS project (MyConstruct) several years ago and have been coding together ever since. Our team have experience in;

  • Android
  • IOS
  • APIs
  • WebApp

Most recently delivering;

  • Xero bridges for Aerospace and Construction
  • Android/IOS mobile App for Health
  • WebApp Calculator for Agriculture

Mobile App Development

Does your team or Industry need a new mobile tool? When the task is specific to mobile, an Android/IOS app may be exactly what you need. Tecoda believes there are several key considerations to make when mapping out your app;

  • Can the experience ONLY be supplied from an app?
  • Is this app valuable to the user? Enough to justify a purchase/download?
  • What will STOP this app being deleted in a mobile clean up?
  • Does the app need to access the user’s location / video / microphone?
  • What data is the app collecting and how is it being protected?

3 Benefits of a Mobile App

  • Be in your user’s pocket
  • Provide a unique experience only available on mobile
  • Have a business presence inside the Google and Apple Stores

In some instances, a WebApp may be the better solution for either cost, accessibility or for privacy and regulation purposes. Our team are happy to consult on your App project and review from all angles to ensure that your solution is the best possible fit.

WebApp Development

What is a WebApp? This is an online application that can be viewed from anywhere on the Internet. This includes Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets. The design is responsive (dynamically changing size for optimal display on the screen) and any changes made on the back end are rolled out simultaneously. This increases the speed of development compared to Mobile Apps which require a new version to be submitted to the store hosts (Google or Apple) before updates are published – this also requires users to upgrade their app versions. This is often a great solution in a legacy system migration project.

3 Benefits of a WebApp Vs. Mobile App

  • Display on all devices with Internet, regardless of operating systems
  • Immediate updates to content on all devices (caching cleared)
  • 1 platform to develop, update and maintain.