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Corporate Governance Policy

The Corporate Governance Policy outlines the key aspects of Tecoda Pty Limited (The Company) corporate governance framework. The Company is committed to ensuring that its policies and practices reflect a high standard of governance. The Director(s) of the Company have adopted a comprehensive framework of Corporate Governance, designed to balance properly performance and conformance. This enables the Company to undertake, in an effective manner, the prudent risk-taking activities which are the basis of its business, including:

  • Ensuring there are adequate resources available to meet the Company‚Äôs objectives;
  • Appointing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO);
  • Evaluating the performance and determining the remuneration of senior executives, and ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for recruitment, training, remuneration and succession planning;
  • Evaluating the performance of the Directors on an annual basis;
  • Determining remuneration levels of Directors;
  • Approving and monitoring financial reporting and capital management;
  • Approving and monitoring the progress of business objectives;
  • Ensuring that any necessary statutory licences are held and compliance measures are maintained to ensure compliance with the law and necessary licence(s);
  • Ensuring that adequate risk management procedures exist and are being used;
  • Ensuring that the Company has appropriate corporate governance structures in place, including standards of ethical behaviour and a culture of corporate and social responsibility; and
  • Ensuring that the directors are and remain appropriately skilled to meet the changing needs of the organisation.

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