EMBER Fire Weather Analysis Software

Business & Industry Solution Of The Year; Merit Winner 2021 iAWARD

2021 iAwards

Tecoda Software Development Team partners with Covey Associates

Tecoda is proud to announce that one of our most recent projects, the Ember Software Project (developed in partnership with Covey Associates Pty Ltd), won the Merit Award in the Business and Industry Solution of the Year category at the 2021 iAwards; THE BIGGEST PITCH – Innovators Disrupting our World.

With a vision led by Anthony Power (of Covey Associates Pty Ltd), the Ember Software has been developed initially as a Fire Weather Analysis Tool; designed to support fire modelling scenarios and reporting for bushfire consulting services.

The Software sweet spot sits between the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather station data, and CSIRO’s wildfire simulation program SPARK. The Ember software crunches on average 20 years of data per weather station, generating a variety of reports/graphs/statistics which provide insight into core areas of interest such as;

  • Drought factor
  • Forest Fire Danger Index
  • Vapour Pressure Deficit &
  • Annual exceedance & occurrence probabilities

These figures are also calculated for monthly and annual reporting, daily peaks, averages and trends of extreme weather patterns.

Stats and Facts as @ 23rd June 2021

  • 1755 weather stations nationwide
  • 713 active daily stations
  • 222 Million rows of weather data
  • The weather is updated each day at 7am via direct download from BoM into our database using a custom link
  • It’s half hourly increments for the whole 24 hours of records
  • Oldest recorded station has data back to 1855 to 2015
  • Active stations can go back as far as 1993 for weather (1950 for some)

The platform is web based to enable remote usage in the field and for future possible subscription models. With real time updates and API back end for cross referencing data of other sources, the Ember Software is set to expand its offering within other major weather influences such as flooding and technological advances only available with BIG data and evolving AI.

Our team has put in long days, nights and weekends to create this solution in record time and have enjoyed working with big data with big impact in the world we live in.