Business Computers and Laptops

Performance starts with great infrastructure

Tecoda works with customers 1 on 1 to understand each use case for business computers. Some of the considerations to be made include;

  • How is your computer used day to day? (fixed vs. mobile)
  • What software are you using?
  • What driver and storage capacity is required?
  • Has security already been addressed or does it need inclusion?
  • What space or existing hardware needs to be considered?

Tecoda will source the most economical solutions for your use case (and budget) and can organise for direct drop shipping to your office. Installation and configuration can also be supplied in our service.

Desktops, Laptops and Virtual Desktops

Update your network and computers! Tecoda can provide up to date office solutions to get you running at peak performance, catering to expanding needs.

We offer FREE office audits to fully analyse existing networks so we can streamline specifically to your business; what you require to run now and into the future. We provide highly compatible solutions and install them on site with a smile.